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Pioneering Sustainability in the World of Creativity 

Adelaide Festival is a pioneer of sustainability in the arts. We proudly secured certification as Australia’s first carbon-neutral arts festival.

To create a positive collective impact, we invite you – our valued audience – to help us to reduce the Festival’s ecological footprint. Here are some easy strategies:  

Eco-commute: Opt to walk, bike, take public transport or coordinate transportation with other attendees.  

Waste wise: Use venues' three-bin system for proper waste disposal where possible.  

Reusable essentials: Pack a reusable tote bag, napkin and cutlery. This eliminates the need for single-use items and reduces waste.  

Mindful consumption: Minimise food waste by sharing or taking leftovers back home.  

Leave no trace: Keep the Festival sites clean by picking up after yourself. Dispose of rubbish and recyclables properly, even when not near designated bins.  

Spread the word: Share your commitment to sustainability on social media using #AdlFest and encourage friends to adopt eco-friendly practices at Adelaide Festival and in their daily lives.  

Help Australia’s biodiversity: Purchase Biological Diversity Units (BDUs) which represent one square metre of protected vulnerable habitat. To find out more, visit 


2022 Climate Crisis and the Arts

Our inaugural Climate Crisis and the Arts event was held at the Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden in Adelaide on Friday 10 March, 2022. While time has passed since this event, many of the lessons and insights are still applicable. 

We recorded podcasts and video for each of the sessions in our 2022 Climate Crisis and the Arts event, as well as the short video below which includes footage from the event and interviews with some of the speakers. 


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Thanks to the following sponsors and supporters for their contributions to this event:
Presenting Partner Green Industries SA
In collaboration with Julie’s Bicycle as part of the UK/Australia Season
Supported by The GREAT Campaign, British Council and Australia Council for the Arts
With special thanks to James Darling AM & Lesley Forwood, Novo Wealth, Nunn Dimos Foundation and City of Adelaide