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2024 Podcasts content

2024 Adelaide Writers' Week Podcasts

Our 2024 Adelaide Writers' Week sessions have been uploaded as podcasts! Almost every session from 2024 has been uploaded, but a couple of sessions have been excluded at the request of the writers. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Writers' Week podcasts are available on most major podcast platforms - just search for "Adelaide Writers' Week" through your preferred podcast app or website. Alternatively, we've provided links to two major platforms below, as well as a link to our hosting site (for listening in browser, links to other podcasts providers, etc.). 

On Spotify     On Apple Podcasts     see in browser


2024 Breakfast with Papers Podcasts

Supported by The Advertiser, Breakfast with Papers was held daily at 8am during Writers' Week in 2024. These talks were hosted by Tory Shepherd and Jonathan Green alongside an expert panel of journalists, academics, writers and commentators. Together, they scrutinised the day's headlines, contemplated the news of the day and tackled the big issues. You can find the 2023 schedule and guest bios here.

Podcasts of our 2024 sessions are now online on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (see the links below). Please note that the recording for the Mon 4 Mar session is not available.

on spotify     on Apple Podcasts